A Village of 700 People In A Hotel




Having built 150 years ago,
the house has a strong attachment
with people in Kosuge.

It is the Great Master.

Being away from city life,
you’ll enjoy a peaceful time.

Invited to the Great Master

The Hosokawa's were wealthy farmers who used to run sericulture.

Their main house with tall strong beams and
storehouse with a stately atmosphere
are now where guests can stay and relax.

The restaurant was originally Japanese traditional Nagayamon, where vessels used to live.

Enjoy our exceptional “omotenashi,” hospitality,
at our private cozy estate.

*The main house is only available for people whose age is 13 and above.



Garden view suite

The rooms that were used to be for important guests are now into Suites.
They offer breathtaking views of our garden,
and you'll have a glimpse of the beautiful nature of the village.
It has a loft with strong beams, and that's something for you to see.
You will forget the daily life at this extraordinary site.

Enjoy your stay with your special someone.

80㎡, Two beds
Capacity: 2 people


Ohya 2

Creator’s twin

Modern, bright, and open.
The dining space utilizes Doma, the earth floor.
The study has large windows, which stimulate your creativity.
Surrounded by mountains,
the room offers an astonishing nature view.

50㎡, 2 beds
Capacity: 2 people


Ohya 3

Bamboo view twin

Having two lofts makes the room fun and playful.
Enjoy the bamboo grove from the room.
Breakfast with the view is something you don't want to miss.

You can spend time as you like in a tranquil atmosphere.

60㎡, 2 beds
Capacity: 2 people


Ohya 4

Hanare DOZO twin

A cottage separate from the main building was originally Dozo, a storehouse.
Our unique bathroom is making the best use of the warehouse.
The hallway reminds you of an art gallery. Tatami room can be a hideout.
Spend time alone here. You will love it.

40㎡, 2 beds
Capacity: 2 people


The hotel currently has the following two buildings.
Please search for a plan from the building where you would like to stay.


Spend quality time in a cozy room
at the Great Master.


Superb views and our delightful local food are waiting for you.

Number of rooms
Number of rooms
Age limit
guests aged 13 and above
Age limit
Annual age (protector companion)
Restautant 24 Sekki
Self catering or Restaurant 24 sekki