A Village of 700 People In A Hotel



Cliff Side Villa

Located on the cliff,
the two two-story cottages on the cliff
were originally Japanese traditional houses
built over 100 years ago.

They give you amazing views
of mountains and valleys.

Our superb water and seasonal food
help you create wonderful mealtime
with people you love.

Enjoy the local food as you like.

Dining and Beyond

Cook your meal as you like.
Cooking the freshly picked local food will let you feel you're a part of us.

Come Empty-Handed

Harvest experience, seasonal ingredients and local beer, a huge kitchen, and recipes by our master local chefs.
Everything is included.

Nothing for you to bring.
Just be prepared to have fun with us.

Example Menu

Our dishes include ingredients such as fresh fish, free-range chicken, specialty "Mukawa Rice", and vegetables that are grown with extra care.
There are more than 10 recipes that you can choose from. Pick a few and cook whatever you feel like that day. You can enjoy our local beer and Katsunuma wine that go well with our recipes as well.

  • Ingredients for 4- 6 people
    Ingredients for 4- 6 people
  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad
  • River Fish Carpaccio
    River Fish Carpaccio
  • Grilled Chicken
    Grilled Chicken
  • Seasoned rice with Salmon and Mushrooms
    Seasoned rice with Salmon and Mushrooms
  • Katsunuma Wine (non-alcoholic available)
    Katsunuma Wine (non-alcoholic available)



Forest view suite

Two-Story Cottage on a Hill

Perfect for a family or a group of friends.
Having a huge kitchen, a dining room, and a living room makes people want to gather around on the 2nd floor.
A fireplace adds a little to make it more fun.

The 1st floor will provide you with some quiet time for yourself.
Our two big cozy bed spaces and relaxing chairs will help you feel calm.

70㎡、2 beds
Capacity: 4 people



Forest view double

Perfect for a couple or a family.
A huge kitchen and an open dining space are on the 2nd floor.
There are a bedroom and a study like a hideaway on the 1st floor.
Each season offers beautiful and unique views of Kosuge.

40㎡, A queen-sized bed
Capacity: 2 people


The hotel currently has the following two buildings.
Please search for a plan from the building where you would like to stay.


Spend quality time in a cozy room
at the Great Master.


Superb views and our delightful local food are waiting for you.

Number of rooms
Number of rooms
Age limit
guests aged 13 and above
Age limit
Annual age (protector companion)
Restautant 24 Sekki
Self catering or Restaurant 24 sekki