A Village of 700 People In A Hotel



All the ingredients we use are
fresh and locally grown
with extra care by the villagers.

You'll love the food you can only enjoy here.

Food Served in Ohya

Restautant "Genryu Kaiseki 24sekki"

The dishes incorporating fresh local ingredients give you the sense of twenty-four solar term.
An enticing dining experience is awaiting you.

Kitchen in Cliff Side Villa

Embrace nature and time with people you love.

Prepare your meal for yourself with our savory ingredients and recipes made by the experts in the village.
You will find pleasure in cooking and eating.

Chef & Farmer

  • Head Chef

    Mr. Hiroyasu Suzuki
  • Kosuge Fish Farm

    Mr. Kazuyoshi Kosuge
    Mr. Yoshihito Kosuge
  • Wasabi Farmer

    Mr. Chuzo Kinoshita
  • Mashroom Farmers

    Mr. Yoshimi Furuya
    Ms. Naoko Furuya
  • チャーちゃん饅頭


    Ms. Kiyoko Okabe
    Okabe Kiyoko
    Ms. Satsumi Okabe
  • Harvest Experience

    Ms. Yaoko Funaki
  • Harvest Experience

    Mr. Nagayoshi Funaki
  • Farmer

    Mr. Toshikazu Furuya